Online Quality Manual Viadicte

In order to obtain an integral quality policy Foundation Viadicte has drawn up an extensive standard framework. Working on quality in a structured way presents the opportunity to have a critical look at agreements and unwritten laws and to make a good analysis of the method of working. Can’t we carry out our activities, the way in which we record our details, collect information and manage our practice in a cleverer, quicker and more effective way? Where and how can we improve ourselves? The Online Quality Manual is constructed of conveniently marked chapters. The coding tells you quickly which subject is dealt with. In this way the various users within the manual can deal with his or her chapter respectively. Each chapter begins with a short list of the subjects to be treated. Next, the standards that correspond with the subject are mentioned. Each chapter provides a clear description of what has to be complied with and in what way. Each chapter ends with a step-by-step plan and a description of what you should have achieved after you have finished the chapter.

For the digital accessibility of the online quality manual, Viadicte uses Scienta software. For English-speaking countries there is an english version of Scienta available. This is supported by Synop, click here for more information about Synop.

  • A framework of standards has been written on the basis of ‘best practices’, ISO 9001, the INK model and an abundance of existing material at NOvA. This framework represents a set of criteria, and you should make agreements concerning these with your colleagues. Taken as a whole, these agreements actually constitute your quality policy and risk management system. Viadicte makes use of external auditors (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) who evaluate on the basis of an integrated evaluation programme.

  • With the use of software application, lawyer’s offices can anonymously compare their financial housekeeping with that of other offices. Thus they can obtain insight into the financial position of their own office in comparison with comparable offices in the fields of, for instance, staff expenses, library expenses, turnovers, sickness leave and so on.

  • An extensive survey like the Intomart-surveys only has to be conducted once every four years. In the meantime the offices measure client satisfaction by means of concise evaluations, comparable to the evaluations that must be filled in after courses and congresses. Foundation Viadicte offers example forms to conduct such concise surveys.

  • Law practices that have a permanent quality policy receive a Met Recht Tevreden (‘justifiably satisfied’) seal of approval from Viadicte. The seal of approval signifies that your practice complies with the requirements with regard to know-how, integrity and office operations. Moreover, the seal-of-approval programme promotes efficiency and streamlining within your organisation.