There are already several initiatives where potential clients can select a law firm based on geographical data and jurisdiction. Viadicte wants to take things to a new level with this website by making it possible to get an independent and objective comparison between law firms (and lawyers) based on substantive and qualitative differences. The URL of the website is

The selection of a law firm shall be based on a number of carefully selected substantive criteria. This makes it possible to find a law firm that best suits the needs of the litigant. Foundation Viadicte also made sure that the interest of the litigant is always the most important factor during the selection of the criteria.

A high ranking is only possible if the criteria are completed transparently. For an objective comparison, the fulfillment of a number of so-called critical criteria are always objectively verified with the law firms. Also this website offers the possibility to compare different law firms on the basis of substantive criteria, also information on selecting and dealing with a lawyer is provided.

  • A framework of standards has been written on the basis of ‘best practices’, ISO 9001, the INK model and an abundance of existing material at NOvA. This framework represents a set of criteria, and you should make agreements concerning these with your colleagues. Taken as a whole, these agreements actually constitute your quality policy and risk management system. Viadicte makes use of external auditors (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) who evaluate on the basis of an integrated evaluation programme.

  • With the use of software application, lawyer’s offices can anonymously compare their financial housekeeping with that of other offices. Thus they can obtain insight into the financial position of their own office in comparison with comparable offices in the fields of, for instance, staff expenses, library expenses, turnovers, sickness leave and so on.

  • An extensive survey like the Intomart-surveys only has to be conducted once every four years. In the meantime the offices measure client satisfaction by means of concise evaluations, comparable to the evaluations that must be filled in after courses and congresses. Foundation Viadicte offers example forms to conduct such concise surveys.

  • Law practices that have a permanent quality policy receive a Met Recht Tevreden (‘justifiably satisfied’) seal of approval from Viadicte. The seal of approval signifies that your practice complies with the requirements with regard to know-how, integrity and office operations. Moreover, the seal-of-approval programme promotes efficiency and streamlining within your organisation.